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It is said that knitting and needlework are making a comeback  in fashion, but in reality they follow  times and their particularities, we have always adapted these techniques_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ to the needs and desires of the moment.

Today more than ever the desire to take the time toTO DOexceeds that ofto have. Knit Eat and Sew Eat allow everyone to find themselves in a community that knows how to tweak, create, repair, invent from the textile material. We exchange know-how, a technique, a vision of fashion together and in an uninhibited way.

We created Knit Eat and Sew Eat to develop creative and gourmet events -Eat-  around knitting -Knit-and sewing-Sew-.

Today it is also a publishing house with the publication ofKnit Eat Bookin the spring of 2020.

Emma, designer and knit-addict@violet_ink, and Nathalie, founder of the Nyack boutique, @nyacklyon

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