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Despite our many proofreadings and corrections, we have made some clarifications in the model as and when restocking.

Here you will find the list of the latest updates for the Georgia sweater.

for the double neckline version

After climbing the m. with the temporary hook mounting method:

Next row (C1): K all the way. PM and join for tric. in circles, taking care not to twist the turn. 

Then continue as indicated.

for color changes

Knit after the 10 trs alternated with the 2 colors5-5-5 (6-6-6) [7-7-7] cmwith the color to keep. (this saves colors)

at the end of short rows

After repeating rows 3 and 4 again 1-2-3 (3-3-4) [5-5-5] fs: Knit to the end. jsq Md to return to the beginning of tr. 

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